Temporary Tattoos- A Party Activity That is Fun For the Kids. September 21 2015

By Gail Leino
Very popular among teens and young adults everywhere, temporary tattoos are in high demand, and a great activity for everyone when it is time to party! Since all the teens are getting tattoos, it is great fun for younger teens or kids to get temporary tattoos. These tattoos can be made from henna based dyes or non-toxic vegetable dyes. They normally last from one to seven days. They are easily removable with baby oil or alcohol. Just be sure you are getting FDA approved temporary tattoos, and you are sure to get quality temporary tattoos that are safe and nontoxic. The following is a list of safe ingredients commonly used in temporary tattoos:

o Acrylic Multipolymer

o Alkyd Polyester Resin

o Petroleum Isopariffinic Hydrocarbon

o Petrolatum

o Cobalt Tallate Drier

o Black Iron Oxide

o FD & C Blue #1 Aluminum Lake

o FD & C Yellow #5 Aluminum Lake

o D & C Red #7

The adhesive used in the non-spray versions of temporary tattoos, is similar to that used in commercially prepared adhesive bandages, so if you are allergic to these, it is usually best not to use the adhesive temporary tattoos, and you might want to use the spray or paint on versions.

Temporary tattoos combine the fun of tattooing with the freedom of total reversibility. They can be purchased preprinted on sheets that are set with adhesives to be applied individually. They can be purchased in quantity or individually, and even custom designs are available, so you could personalize temporary tattoos specifically to commemorate your celebration.

Another option for temporary tattoos that last a little longer (up to two weeks) are to hire an artist to spray the temporary tattoos on. This usually costs a little more, but the tattoos will be individualized and, depending on the artist, can be done to various specifications. Whatever you decide, your temporary tattoos can be a great party activity that guests can take home with them when they leave the party.

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