About the Different Styles of Temporary Tattoos July 02 2015

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Temporary tattoos are popular with children and adults because they have no permanent affect on the skin. They do produce a similar appearance and can last from just a few days to several weeks. There are four main styles of temporary tattoo.

The most common is the decal style that are typically transferred to the skin using water. The design is waterproof, but it can be removed quite simply with oil-based creams. They were originally placed as a prize in bubblegum packages and consisted of a poor quality ink transfer that would easily come off with water or rubbing. Today the decal style of temporary tattoos use vegetable dye and can look extremely realistic. They can last up to 3 weeks due to a layer of glue similar to that found on any adhesive bandage.

Airbrush tattoos are another very popular type of temporary tattoo. By using a black airbrush, you get the most realistic appearance. They'll last a little less than one week, but it will look a lot like the real thing. This style of temporary tattoo comes in a variety of colors and styles. There are shimmer, glitter, glow in the dark styles, and hundreds of stencils that you can choose from.

Henna tattoos are another type of temporary tattoo that last the longest and have been around for the most years. They can last up to three weeks, if the directions are followed correctly. Many people use henna as a "test run" for their permanent tattoo design. It's used to make sure they like the image and the location. If you end up sick of the design after three weeks of henna, it would be wise to rethink the decision of getting a permanent tattoo of that design. The application of the henna tattoo can be somewhat time consuming depending on the design, which is why it's most common among young adults and adults. It does last much longer than any other type of temporary tattoo around. The colors are rich, and the results have been satisfying, which is why henna tattoos are so successful.

The latest craze in temporary tattoos are glitter tattoos. The main materials for temporary glitter tattoos are stencils, glue, brushes, different colors of glitters and cleaning items such as alcohol wipes. These tattoos are painted on the surface of your skin and can last from 7 to 15 days under normal conditions. To create your own is a really simple process. There are stencil designs for different age ranges ranging from children to adults, making temporary glitter tattoos available to everyone. You can purchase kits to get all the needed items and start one all by yourself at home.

Temporary tattoos are a great way to decorate your body with a unique design without having to commit to the pain, expense and permanence of a real tattoo. They also provide an ideal opportunity to try on many different designs to match your mood or your clothing for any occasion.

In all their forms, temporary tattoos are great for kids to adults and a fun way to stand out from the crowd!

~ Anie Dee is a professional glitter tattoo artist at GlitZGlam Body Art

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