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From our Vintage Rockabilly Range November 30 2015

These are a few samples from our very popular Vintage Rockabilly temporary tattoo range, you will find them on our website. http://omgtemporarytattoos.com.au/collections/vintage-rockabilly-temporary-tattoos

Tattoo Covering, removing and erasing November 11 2015

Tattoo Covering, removing & erasing. By Junior Pswarai    Many people end up undergoing tattoos regret so one of the things they look to do is erase tattoo ink. Maybe the reminder of the relationship that failed isn't something that you want to be reminded of everyday when you look in the mirror or maybe you're facing a job where it could hinder your chances of actually being employed. So...

Temporary tattoos - Amy Winehouse Review October 08 2015

Temporary Tattoo OMG Amy Winehouse Tattoo Set 1 x A4 Sheet set of OMG Temporary Tattoo Amy Winehouse Images. OMG Temporary Tattoo's Amazing Amy tattoos comes with guide on where to apply your tattoo's to look like Amy. Already cut out for you and ready to apply. These tattoos are great for a fancy dress party and includes full application instructions. http://omg-temporary-tattoos.myshopify.com/products/amy-winehouse-tattoo-set

Temporary Tattoo "Buy Myself" Do it yourself tattoos October 07 2015

"Buy Myself" $9.50 Get our "Buy Myself " paper and do it yourself, works great on laser and bubblejet printers.Comes in sets of  2.   1 x printable sheet & 1 x adhesive sheet + instructions, safe and easy to use. Go To http://omg-temporary-tattoos.myshopify.com/products/buy-myself

Temporary Fake Tattoo OMG's Facebook Page October 06 2015

Our facebook page has been popular amongst our customers, very informative.

Temporary Tattoos- A Party Activity That is Fun For the Kids. September 21 2015

By Gail Leino Submitted On June 26Very popular among teens and young adults everywhere, temporary tattoos are in high demand, and a great activity for everyone when it is time to party! Since all the teens are getting tattoos, it is great fun for younger teens or kids to get temporary tattoos. These tattoos can be made from henna based dyes or non-toxic vegetable dyes. They normally last from one...

Ordering a Custom Temporary Tattoo For Your Business August 10 2015

Ordering a Custom Temporary Tattoo For Your BusinessBy Amber Golden | Submitted On June 30, Promote your business, entice school spirit, raise money, drive support for a cause; there are many great reasons to get a custom temporary tattoo. While the choice to get a custom temporary tattoo is an easy one, how to order one and what to consider when doing so can be difficult.Fortunately, this article nails down...

Hen's & Bucks Party Temporary Tattoos doing a great job August 03 2015

It's great to hear all the positive feed back were getting from our happy customers that have purchased our Bucks & Hen's personalised party packs.http://omg-temporary-tattoos.myshopify.com/collections/bucks-hens-partieshttp://www.omgtemporarytattoos.com.au/products/buy-myselfhttp://www.omgtemporarytattoos.com.au

School Fundraiser Temporary Tattoo Kits Now Available July 28 2015

Our Shcool Fundraiser Kits are now ready for sale to help your School raise valuable funds.Email for information.omg@omgtemporarytattoos.com.auwww.omgtemporarytattoos.com.auhttp://www.omgtemporarytattoos.com.au/collections/allhttp://www.omgtemporarytattoos.com.au/products/buy-myself

Durability of Temporary Tattoos - Why Is It Important? July 13 2015

By Jennifer T Smith  |   Submitted On June 17 Durability is almost never a consideration when it comes to temporary tattoos. This is why you want to make your own stick on tattoo instead of contacting a manufacturer. You want to have fake tattoos and you don't really care how long it's going to last. But should you start taking durability into consideration? It's not just all about safety. If you...

Our Customers have some great ideas July 06 2015

We love seeing  our product being used in different ways. In this case our customer is having a 21st and decided to have a personal entry ticket for her friends into the venue.. Great idea. http://www.omgtemporarytattoos.com.auhttp://www.omgtemporarytattoos.com.au/collections/allhttp://www.omgtemporarytattoos.com.au/products/buy-myself

About the Different Styles of Temporary Tattoos July 02 2015

By Anie Dee  |   Submitted On January 30, 2013 Temporary tattoos are popular with children and adults because they have no permanent affect on the skin. They do produce a similar appearance and can last from just a few days to several weeks. There are four main styles of temporary tattoo. The most common is the decal style that are typically transferred to the skin using water. The design is waterproof,...